Part 1 — A high-level overview of the bull and bear case on Invitae and how we got here
Two topics impact everyone, whether you are interested in them or not: health and money. Start here.
It's been a painful yet formative year. Looking back before looking ahead
You CGM, right, bro? How CGMs are becoming the next Fitbit — and how they change the metabolic fitness game.
Why genomics is a moving target with an evolving intersection between what's scientifically possible and ethically feasible
I was on the FinTwit Podcast to discuss Bionano Genomics and potential of optical genome mapping
Collection of essays worth your time to read — with a sprinkle of commentary by yours truly
On genomic tools, synthetic biology, gene editing, measuring aging & more. A recap of biotech trends/companies covered thus far — exclusively here on…
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