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Two topics impact everyone, whether you are interested in them or not: health and money.

But the problem is that it’s hard to sift through noisy information out there. What’s more, biotech investing is too often obscured with jargon which makes it intimidating for the average person — but it really doesn’t have to be.

My goal is to simplify these relevant topics.

My hope is to help my readers:

  • Become a more informed biotech investor

  • Optimize health for self and loved ones

  • Think clearer and deeper by sharing my thinking process

  • Stick around longer to reap the benefits of your efforts

I want it to feel like you're getting coffee with your super-smart friend who geeks out about biotech, but in an endearing way 🤓 ☕️

Let’s dive in, together.

- Christina

About the author

Christina Ren is a board-certified genetic counselor passionate about pushing the frontier of individualized medicine to improve human health. She has a BS in Biology from Stanford University and a Masters of Science in Genetic Counseling.

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Christina Ren, MS, CGC
Genetic counselor, health enthusiast, lifelong learner. BS in Biology from Stanford + MS in Genetic Counseling. Passionate about pushing the frontier of individualized medicine to improve human health.